Spring Clean Your Home In 30 Days - The First 10 Days

The very idea of spring cleaning can be daunting, particularly if you find it difficult to keep up with house cleaning in general. But, as with most things, breaking the task down into smaller tasks makes the whole process achievable for even the busiest people.

So I've created 30 daily tasks that you can do over the next month to get your house clean and sparkly without having to really think about it!

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Need a little more motivation to get on board? Here are three good reasons to spring clean your home:

1. It's good for you

Keeping your home dust-free and mould-free is good for everyone's health, as is letting in the sunshine and fresh air. Not to mention the aerobic benefits you'll get from all of that scrubbing and vacuuming. Workout done!

2. It saves you time in the long run

The process of decluttering your home will end up making you much more productive as you'll save time looking for things in the mess. You will then free your mind to focus on other, more important things.

3. Christmas is just around the corner

Christmas is a busy time and knowing your house is clean and tidy means you'll have one less thing to do in the lead-up to Christmas. You'll also feel more inclined to entertain in your nice clean home!

Each daily task will be posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so follow along there if you can. I'll also keep a round up of each week's tasks here on the blog. Some tasks are quick and simple, others may take a little more time, so feel free to switch tasks around to suit you and your days, or save some up for the weekend. Below are the first week's tasks:

When it comes to spring cleaning, knowing where to begin and what to do next is the most difficult part. So, really, all of the hard work has been done for you - you just need to follow the instructions and get cleaning! We begin tomorrow...


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