Meal & Grocery Planning: compiling your meal & grocery planners {and a free printable}

Over the past six weeks, we've been printing and planning and printing some more and by now you may have a heap of papers at risk of making you more confused rather than organised. So it's time for a final free printable to help you compile everything together into one organised place.

Grocery Lists & Food Staples

Meal Routines and Meal Planners and Freezer Inventories are all very useful, but if you're going to use them properly, they all need to be together in the one, convenient place. So go out and buy yourself a pretty folder - because if it isn't pretty, you won't feel motivated to use it - and some dividers. Then print out this cover page: the Meal Planner Cover Page.

Hole punch it and pop it into your folder. Next, organise your dividers. For instance, you might have:

1. Planners - for your Meal Routine and Weekly and Monthly Meal Planners

2. Shopping - for your Meal Staples, Grocery List and Store Comparison sheets

3. Organising - for your Family Favourites, Recipes to Try and Freezer Inventory

4. Soup Recipes

5. Slow cooker Recipes

6. Snack Recipes... and so on

... and so on with other recipe categories. Now, when you see a recipe you'd like to try in a magazine or online, you can clip it, photocopy it or print it out and add it to your folder for easy reference when you sit down to do your meal planning.

Printable A5 Shopping List

Folder from Officeworks | Silicone muffin pan from Wiltshire

Keep your folder somewhere that you can access it easily and often.

Now you're all set up and ready to go. Happy meal planning!


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