Organise your money: Day 6 - track your spending

Welcome to the last day of this "Organise Your Money" series. On day one we recorded the details of the bills you pay regularly. On day two we created a register to record these payments. On day three we tracked your income. On day four we listed your variable expenses. Yesterday we set your monthly budget. And today I'm giving you a tool to help you track your spending throughout the month.

Organise Your Money Series: Step Six

Cash expenses can be difficult to keep track of. Little purchases, like takeaway coffees and tuck shop snacks, can add up and create holes in your budget. The best way to counteract this is by regularly making note of your cash expenses, especially if you didn't get a receipt.

Our Cash Expenses


1. At the beginning of the month, print out your Our Cash Expenses printable.

2. Count all of your cash in your bag, beside your bed, in the car, on the kitchen bench etc and write the total in the 'Opening balance' box.

3. Each night while your expenses are still fresh in your mind, jot down anything you paid cash for during the day. To make it easier for your end-of-month budget review, make note of the category each item belongs to as well.

4. If you have another minute, count your cash and make sure it equals the running balance total.

If you perform this quick task each night, you'll make sure that your cash expenses are included in your total monthly expenditure when it's time to review your spending at the end of the month.

Happy budgeting!


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