Mother's Day Gift Idea: DIY Coupon Kit

Skip the same old Mother's Day gifts this year and give her something truly unique: Mother's Day Coupons!

Because a bunch of flowers and a new pair of earrings is all very well but it doesn't really compare to a chore-free day followed by a night out with the girls.

An energy-burning Easter Egg Hunt

This Mother's Day Coupon Kit contains three pages of coupons plus a fourth page to make into a cute little envelope to hold them in.

Simply print all four pages, preferably onto thick paper. There are eight completed coupons plus eight blank ones, in case you want to create some special ones of your own. Print as many as you like!

Free printable Mother's Day Coupons

To assemble the envelope, cut along the dashed lines. Next fold along the solid grey lines; if you've printed onto card, you may want to score very gently along these lines with a blade first to make the folds neat and clean. Use glue or double-sided tape to attach the side tabs to the bottom tab where indicated. And you're done!

DIY printable Mothers Day coupons

Finally, pop the coupons into the envelope and present it to Mum on Mother’s Day. She’s guaranteed to love it!

For an A4 sized version of the Mother's Day Coupon Kit, click here.

For a US Letter sized version of the Mother's Day Coupon Kit, click here.

Happy Mother's Day!