How To Use The Daily Planner Page (and a free printable)

If you have a busy day ahead and you're worried about getting everything done, creating a plan will help you make the best use of the time you have available and this free printable Daily Planner page is all you need to design your day.

When we're busy, much of our stress is due to the fact that we're worried we'll forget something, that we're spending too much time on the wrong things and that we simply don't have enough time to get everything done anyway.

But taking a few minutes in the morning, or better still the night before, to plan your day means that you take all of those tasks and worries that are swirling around in your head and put them down on paper in an organised way so your mind is free to focus on the task at hand.


1 | Fill in the date

This section is useful if you want to print out a few Daily Planner pages at a time so you can add tasks to another day's list.

2 | List your tasks

List everything you have to do in the task column, no matter how big and important or small and insignificant the task. The little ones are often the ones that pop into your head and distract you when you should be focusing on more significant jobs.

3 | Fill in times for your schedule

Begin with the time you wake up and list the hours all the way down until the time you plan to go to bed at night.

The interesting part of this exercise is that it shows you just how many hours you have in your day to get things done.

It also highlights the fact that perhaps you are wasting time on things that don't produce results for you.

4 | Schedule your regular activities

Begin by adding the items to your schedule that are time-bound, such as dropping the kids to school at 8.30 am.

Next, write the times you plan to wake up and get ready for the day as well as when you plan to have dinner and go to sleep. Now you have a realistic idea of what remaining time you have available to work on your tasks.

Finally, add any other things that you would like to do, such as exercise.

4 | Schedule your tasks

Slot your most pressing tasks into the remaining available time in your schedule. For instance, if you most important job of the day is to make a bunch of phone calls, you could write "Phone calls" in your schedule at 10 am when your baby will be taking a nap.

Otherwise, you can simply write "Task List" into your schedule and during that time, work through your list. Begin with those tasks that only take a few minutes for the quick win and satisfaction of ticking it off your list.

Of course, there will be some tasks on your list that you know you won't get to today so either write these into your calendar for another day or print another Daily Planner for tomorrow and write them on that page instead. Then cross them off your page for today. Or you may need to ask someone else to help you with them if they can't wait any longer.

5 | Focus on the task at hand

As much as possible, stick to your schedule and put all of your energy into the task you need to be doing at the time. Trust that you've already planned your day and you don't need to worry about anything else but the job at hand.

Don't forget to add time for family, friends or relaxation too, and feel free to enjoy that time and not worry that you should be doing something else.

Note that this is an editable document which means you can type into it before printing. You may like to type in the times that suit you and your regular activities before printing. Then, each day that you use your Daily Planner, you can just write the date, your tasks and anything else you need to add to your schedule for that particular day.


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Happy planning!