How to set up your 2018 planner

So you’ve got your pretty new planner and you’re pumped to get super organised in 2018. Now what?

Well, it’s time to harness those good intentions and put all of that positive energy to good use so you don’t fall off the organising wagon one week into January.

All you need to do is complete these 6 tasks to set your planner, and yourself, up for an organised 2018:


Find your favourite pen, gather together your phone, your wallet and anything else you think you may need, then complete the first three pages of your planner:

~ Front page

~ Personal Information

~ Contact Information


Flip over to the ‘SET UP YOUR PLANNER’ page. We’re going to go through the next four steps.

Write your birthdays, anniversaries and holidays into the Events section of your planner, which is the top section directly under the date.

You may like to use a different colour for different events: birthdays in pink, public holidays in green etc. Or just stick to using one colour - the great thing about the Lorna Leigh Lane Planner is that there’s so much colour on the page, you don't need to add more if you don't want to.

Then, if you need to, write tasks for each event. For instance, enter a task to call your friend on her birthday ot to buy a gift for your nephew two weeks before his birthday.


This is a big one so set aside some time to devote to setting up your routines.

Your routines are the things that you want to do and the places you need to be on a regular basis. For instance, one of your daily routine activities might be to walk the dog every evening at 7 pm. A weekly routine activity could be to go to a pilates class every Friday morning at 9.30 am. You may have to pay your mortgage on the 20th of each month so this would be a monthly routine activity and on your yearly routine page, you may note to book a dental appointment every March and September.

Head to the Printable Library on the website or click on the links below to download, print and complete your:

My Daily Routine free printable
My Weekly Routine free printable

Events section of the Lorna Leigh Lane 2018 Weekly Planner

My Yearly Routine free printable

Fill them out with your activities and then enter them into your planner as either events, appointments, tasks or even phone calls.

I find that my routines are fairly flexible in January and change when February rolls around and school goes back so I tend to redo at least my Daily and Weekly Routines then and again at the beginning of each school term.

For more information about Routines, see this post here.


The 2018 Weekly Planner now has a goal setting page to help you incorporate achieving goals into your day-to-day routines. Check out the instructions at the bottom of the ‘SET UP YOUR PLANNER’ page and begin setting your goals.

For more information, check out this post about Goal Setting.

Set Your Goals for 2018


Another exciting addition to this year’s Lorna Leigh Lane Weekly Planner is the addition on a Yearly Planner across two pages so you can see your entire year at a glance. And, as previously, you will have a Monthly Planner across two pages at the beginning of each month.

Yearly Planner in Lorna Leigh Lane 2018 Weekly Planner

Monthly Planner in the Lorna Leigh Lane 2018 Weekly Planner

So how should you use these yearly and monthly planners? It’s completely up to you but if you need some inspiration, here are some ideas that you might like to consider:

~ Enter school holidays, public holidays, holiday travel booked or when you or your partner need to travel for work so you can see at a glance who is where and when

~ Log hours worked on certain projects or for your job

~ Use the monthly planner for your work related activites

~ Due dates for bills and other financial reminders

~ Plan projects, whether they be for work or home or personal, by entering tasks and deadlines

~ A place to record you goals so you can see them at a glance – but make sure you actually enter the tasks into the weekly planner so that you can tick them off

~ Health related notes such as weight measured, workouts done and water consumed; don’t forget to add rewards for all that hard work too!

~ A place to look back at later to see what you were doing at the time; so you may want to write down what you did that day, who you saw, funny things that happened or what you were grateful for

~ Record your baby’s or toddler’s growth and milestones

The list really is endless. You may even find that you change how you use these tools as the year progresses but it’s certainly worth having a think now about how they might help make your life easier.


Now your planner is set up and ready to go. You’re feeling full of optimism about the year ahead and you’re ready to stay on top of everything. But, no doubt, at some point life will get in the way and you may feel that enthusiasm begin to slip. When this happens, remember these tips:

1. Look at your planner all the time: Your planner is your best tool to get organised and stay organised. It won’t work sitting under a pile of papers on your desk or at the bottom of your handbag. I recommend keeping it somewhere open and on display at all times and look at it all the time: first thing in the morning, throughout the day as you tick off tasks and then last thing at night so you can prepare for the next day.

2. You’ll get out of your planner what you put into your planner: Get into the habit of putting everything into your planner straight away. If you delay, you’re likely to forget and disorganisation will ensue!

3. Your planner is pretty enough as it is: So scribble all over the pages and make it work hard for you. There’s no need to try to keep it neat and tidy because life isn’t neat and tidy. You’ll have to cancel appointments, scratch things out and write across days but the most important thing is just to get it down. I find that if I write it in my planner, it gets done and that’s what your planner is there to ensure.

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Happy planning and I wish you all the very best for an organised 2018!


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