How to prepare for a vacation {and a free printable}

Vacations are so much more enjoyable when you're fully prepared for them. A little bit of planning in advance makes for a much smoother getaway every time.

How to prepare for a vacation {and a free printable}

Planning for a vacation starts with the dreaming. As the world is beginning to open up again, we're looking at travel possibilities through new eyes so now is a good time to write a Vacation Bucket List and start dreaming and planning straight away.


Free printable Vacation Bucket List template

1 | Begin with a dream

Start by downloading your free printable Vacation Bucket List (at the end of this blog post) and begin dreaming about the next place you'd like to go as well as your dream destination.

Put in some details about when you could go, what the trip will cost and what it will involve.

You now have some vacation goals to work towards.

Printable Vacation Details template

2 | Plan the details

Plan and book your details like transport, accommodation, tickets and events.

Make note of all of the details so you have this information with you in one handy location, either printed onto paper or saved as a document on your phone.

It helps to have a backup format in case you lose the paper or your phone runs out of battery.

Printable Vacation To Do List template

3 | List your tasks

Break your list of to-dos down into things that need to be done:

  • right now

  • the month before you leave

  • the week before you leave

  • the day before you leave

  • the day of departure

  • on your return

Then where necessary, add these tasks to your planner.

Printable Vacation Packing List template

4 | Plan your packing

Begin a list of what you need to pack, broken down into categories like:

  • clothes

  • toiletries

  • accessories

  • travel bag items (for carry on luggage or your daily travel pack)

  • essentials

  • technology

  • miscellaneous

Printable Vacation Travel Calendar template

4 | Use a calendar

Plot dates out on a calendar to make sure you don't miss any important deadlines.

Much of the fun of a vacation is in the looking-forward-to-it so stick this on the fridge for the whole family to see and get excited about.

Add some of the tasks you need to get done so you can get the rest of the family to help you tick them off your list.

Printable Vacation Travel Budget template

5 | Set a budget

Avoid any nasty surprises by setting a budget in advance as you make your travel bookings.

Then make note of your expenses as you go so you can keep on track while you're on vacation.

This budget will be a useful reference for when you're planning your next vacation too!


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Happy planning!