How to plan your routines {and a free printable}

Put simply, the easiest way to get organized is to have set routines that you follow every day. Your routines are comprised of the things you need to and the places you need to be on a regular basis.

When you have set routines, you don’t need to think about what to do with your time or worry that you’ll forget something because you’ve already planned it out. Routines free up valuable brain space for fun things and creativity.

You can set yourself routines for morning and evenings, and you can set daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly routines.


Your yearly routine would include things that happen on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis such as:

  • Quarterly: administer dog medications in January, April, July & October

  • Semi-annually: book in dental appointments for the family in March & September

  • Annually: change fire alarm batteries in October


Your monthly routine may not include much but it’s a good opportunity to book yourself in for regular tasks such as:

  • Catch up on bookwork on the 1st of each month

  • Do the filing on the 10th of each month

Or even use this as a way to remind yourself to book in something fun like a family activity or date night once a month.


Perhaps most important though are your Daily and Weekly Routines.

Here, you can list all the things you have to do each day - such as taking the kids to school - and all of the things you’d realistically like to do each day - like spending 15 minutes reading your book at night.

In this free printable My Routine sheet, you can plan both your daily and weekly routines on the one page.

Daily Routine

The top part of this page is for your Daily Routine which you can split into morning activities (on the left) and afternoon/evening activities (on the right).

Here you should include any habits you'd like to get into, like drinking warm water with lemon first thing every morning. At first, this sheet will serve as a reminder but after a while, it will become a habit and you won't need the reminder anymore.

Weekly Routine

The bottom part of the page is for your Weekly Routine. Record everything you want to do and attend on certain days of the week, including:


~ For yourself, such as work days, travelling days, shopping days etc

~ For others, such as school sports days and library days or when homework is due


These are time sensitive responsibilities like:

~ Monday: 9.00 am – School assembly

~ Tuesday: 4.30 pm – Hockey practice


Record the tasks you need to do on a particular day each week such as:

~ Tuesday: wash school uniforms

~ Thursday: pay bills

Now all that's left to do is print your routine and stick it somewhere that you can easily refer to it throughout your day. No two days are ever the same but if you do your best to maintain your routines where you can, you'll find yourself less stressed, more productive and, best of all, with more time to spend doing the things you love with your family.

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Happy planning!