How to organise your recipes {and some free printables}

Whether you're meal planning in advance or walking in the door at 6 pm, coming up with a meal idea can at times seem impossible. You know you've got a decent repertoire of meals but you can't seem to think of any of them in that moment and a library full of cookbooks doesn't help.

What you need is a list of "go-to" recipes to jog your memory when you're drawing a blank and these free printables could become your best friends in the kitchen.

How to sort your recipes

First, you need a binder to keep them in. Then you need tabs to separate your recipes into categories. Choose categories that you use in your Meal Routine, such as "Pasta" and "Quick" meals so that your recipe binder will go hand in hand with your meal planning.

Binder Dividers

Print out recipes that you find online or cut them out of magazines and either punch them directly into your binder or put them in plastic sleeves. If you're really keen, you can also photocopy your favourite recipes from your cookbooks and put them in as well.

But to make meal planning even faster, you also need a quick reference sheet with your family's favourite meals.

Free printable family favourite recipe list

Each page in this Family Favourites free printable has two categories so that you can organise your family favourite recipes into eight (or more) easily recognisable groups.

If you need ideas for the categories, have a look at your Meal Routine or even your latest Meal Plan for inspiration. Other recipe category suggestions to get you started are:

  • Quick recipes

  • Budget recipes

  • Seafood recipes

  • Meat-free recipes

  • Soup

  • Salads & sides

  • Freezable recipes

  • Biscuits, cakes and slices

  • Dinner party recipes

  • Lunchbox recipes

Free printable Go To Meal Ideas

We also often forget recipes that we want to try one day when we have the time, but when that moment arrives, we've forgotten what the recipe was. So, the next time you come across a cake recipe that you want to try, or you have a great idea for a dinner party dessert, print out this Recipes To Try free printable and make note of it.

Recipes to try free printable

Keep it with your recipes and tick the recipes off as you try them. If one turns out to be a winner, add it to your Family Favourites and before long you'll have built up a list of things that everyone in the family loves which will make meal planning so much easier.

Free printable Recipes To Try

Happy recipe organising!