How to meal plan for a month {and a free printable}

The hardest part of meal planning is getting into position: you need to sit down with your planner, your recipes, your shopping list and perhaps your supermarket special catalogue or coupons. Then you also need to have the time to focus on the task at hand.

But once you've got all of that together and you've planned meals for the week, it doesn't take much more time to plan for two weeks or even for the month. Soon you may be meal planning for the entire school term.

So it makes sense to meal plan for longer than a week to avoid having to go through the process week after week. A monthly meal plan isn't set in concrete but it gives you a framework of meals so most of the hard work is done for you.


1 | Download your free Monthly Meal Plan template

Click on the button at the end of this article which will take you to the Lorna Leigh Lane Printable Library.

Find the Monthly Meal Plan item and select either US Letter or A4 size.

Save your template and type the dates into the small boxes at the top of each day. You can type your meals in or print and handwrite them - whichever suits you best.

2 | Check your planner

Note which nights you already have plans to eat out and note those on your Monthly Meal Planner. Also note which nights you'll be home late after things like sports practice and plan quick meals or slow cooker meals around those nights.

3 | Add the easy ones

For those meals that are set in stone, like Taco Tuesday or Friday Pizza Night. Fill all of those in for the month.

3 | Get some help

Ask each family member to choose a meal or two each so they feel involved (and you have a few less meals to come up with).You only need to put these meals in the first two weeks of your Monthly Meal Planner. Once the first two weeks are filled with meals, you'll repeat them in the second two weeks of the month.

4 | Be kind to yourself

Allocate one meal a week to leftovers or something super simple like eggs on toast.

5 | Finish the first two weeks

Fill in any remaining gaps for the first and second week of the month with some family favorite recipes.

6 | Repeat

Now repeat those same meals for the last two weeks of your monthly meal plan. And you're done!

When you go the grocery store, you may want to purchase double quantities of the meals that you can cook double batches of and freeze for when the meal repeats later in the month which saves time down the track.


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To download your free Monthly Meal Plan template, click the button below to head to the Printable Library.

Happy planning!