How to make your own cleaning products {and a free printable}

Cleaning products are some of the most expensive items you'll find in your shopping trolley but do you really need a cupboard heaving with all of those different cleaners? And wouldn't you like to have a better understanding of what ingredients go into these products that you are spraying, wiping and cleaning with every day?

A great alternative to buying cleaning products is to make your own. You'll save money and feel better about knowing exactly what products you and your family are living with and breathing in each time you clean.


1 | Download your free recipe template

Click on the button at the end of this article to download your free homemade cleaning product recipe template.

You can type your recipes directly into the template or print then write them on afterwards.

Then stick this sheet on the inside of your cleaning cupboard door as a handy reference for when you make up your products.

2 | Decide what products to make

Surface spray, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, shower scum cleaner, floor cleaner - there are plenty to choose from. You may want to start with just one or two to begin with.

3 | Select a recipe

The simpler the better. It's best to do some research online to find a site you trust and recipes that suit your needs.

Your free Lorna Leigh Lane Homemade Cleaner Recipes printable comes with some recipe ideas for you but always check that they are right for your family as some products can irritate. It may be a system of trial and error until you decide on the best recipe for your family.

4 | Gather ingredients

Buy ingredients such as white vinegar in bulk where possible. This saves money and ensures you have plenty of the ingredients you need on hand when it's time to make your cleaning products.

You'll also need to buy or recycle containers to house your cleaner as well as containers to use when cleaning, such as empty spray bottles.

5 | Label your containers

Put labels on your containers so you and your family know what they can be used for, such as 'Wood Cleaner'.

6 | Mix up your creations

Follow the recipes to make your homemade cleaners. It helps to make larger batches and store them to use when topping up your items in your cleaning caddy. You could plan to top up your stash of DIY cleaners once a month to make sure you never run out.


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To download your free Homemade Cleaner Recipes template, click the button below to head to the Printable Library.

Happy planning!