How to host an energy-burning Easter Egg hunt {and a free printable}

Kids love Easter egg hunts but chocolate-overload can ruin everyone's day, especially for very little ones. So why not use the Easter egg hunt as a chance to burn off some of that sugar-induced energy, instead of adding to it, with an Easter Egg Activity Hunt?

The idea is that you replace chocolate Easter eggs with fun little activities that will have the kids running, jumping and dancing off their chocolate buzz, not to mention they won't be adding a mountain more of chocolate to their stash.


1 | Buy some plastic eggs

You'll need to buy some empty plastic Easter eggs that open, like these ones which you can get from most department and discount stores.

2 | Print your free template

Download your free Easter egg hunt activity template by clicking on the button at the bottom of this blog article.

Then print your template as many times as you like onto paper or cardstock.

3 | Write an activity on each card

Make sure they’re activities that will burn off some of that sugar such doing star jumps.

Need help thinking of some activities for your Easter egg hunt? Here are some ideas that you can select from and tailor to suit the ages of your hunters.

Do 10 star jumps

Hop around a tree like a bunny

Touch your toes 10 times

Floss for 10 seconds

Sing "Happy Easter To You"

Do 3 somersaults in a row

Hop on one leg for 10 seconds

Or you can be more specific based on the location of your hunt with things like: run to the front gate and back or run three times around Uncle Tom.

Alternatively, you can hide clues that the whole group of kids can follow together, each clue leading them closer to the grand prize of a bounty of eggs.

This takes a little more planning but is more fun for older kids. You can have each child take a turn reading each clue so all kids are included.

4 | Compile your eggs

Cut your cards out along the dashed lines and pop an activity card into each plastic Easter egg. You may want to put a mini chocolate egg or gift into some of the plastic eggs too to keep the hunt interesting.

Don’t forget to count the eggs beforehand so you know when they’ve all been found.

Let the hunt begin!


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To download your free Easter Egg Activity Hunt template, click the button below to head to the Printable Library.

Happy planning!