How to have a great family summer {and a free printable}

School's out for summer and the kids are going to be home for a loooong time so to keep everyone busy and happy, it helps to do a little planning at the beginning.

How to have a great summer & a free printable

Kids thrive on routine and just because there are endless summer days ahead, doesn't mean they won't benefit from knowing what each day holds, whether it's looking forward to an upcoming day at the beach or a lazy day at home.

So follow these few simple steps to keep boredom at bay and everyone on track until school goes back.


1 | Create a summer bucket list

Fee printable Summer Bucket List by Lorna Leigh Lane

Begin planning your summer with a family meeting in which everyone can contribute to the Summer Bucket List.

Activities can be big, like going on a road trip, or small, like staying up late and star gazing in the backyard.

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2 | Fill in your calendar

Printable Summer Calendar by Lorna Leigh Lane

The most important way to ensure that you tick off the items on your summer bucket list is to slot them into your calendar.

Begin by noting all events, public holidays and vacations so that you can schedule your bucket list activities in amongst these.

3 | Create a boredom buster

Printable Summer Activity Cards by Lorna Leigh Lane

Write out a bunch of activities onto pieces of paper and put them in a jar.

When the kids are at a loose end, they can pull an activity out of the jar and entertain themselves.

It helps to make the activities ones they can do on their own with minimal supervision so you can get some of your own work done.

4 | Make a daily schedule

Printable Summer Schedule for kids by Lorna Leigh Lane

Having a daily schedule gives some structure to the endless days at home.

It helps kids understand limitations around screen time and you can ensure that they get plenty of fresh air and exercise during the day by slotting outdoor activities into their daily routines.

5 | Create a chore chart

Printable Summer Chore Chart by Lorna Leigh Lane

The summer can't all be about play. Keep the kids busy with some chores each day as well.

It will make your life easier and teach the kids some good habits that they can continue when school goes back.

Have a great summer!

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Happy planning!