Filing clothes: how to fold T-shirts like Marie Kondo

So you've heard about Marie Kondo or about filing clothes and you want a shortcut with the instructions so you can jump on the KonMarie bandwagon? Read on!

Below you'll find the simple steps for folding T-shirts like Marie Kondo so that you can file them in your drawer.

How fold T-shirts like Marie Kondo

The benefit is that you can see all of your clothes at once when you open your drawer rather than having to dig through piles to see what's at the bottom. And it looks so neat and pretty too!

How to file your tops like Marie Kondo

Once your clothes are all in neat little parcels that can stand on their own, file them away in your drawers like files in a filing cabinet.

Click here if you'd like a printable version of the "How to Fold a T-shirt" chart. Tomorrow: how to fold your jeans like Marie Kondo.

Happy folding!