Create your own personalised Advent Calendar

Skip the morning chocolate and instead, create your own Advent Calendar, full of fun and festive activities for the whole family to do in the countdown to Christmas Day.

Christmas Countdown: 6 weeks until Christmas

Here you can download your own free Advent Calendar and then edit it directly on your computer (in case you don't love your own handwriting). Once you're done, print it out and follow the instructions below to get it hanging up at home, all ready for the 1st of December.

To create your own Lorna Leigh Lane Advent Calendar, you will need:

  • 34 pieces of thick A4 paper or cardstock

  • Scissors or a blade, ruler and cutting mat

  • Glue

  • Corkboard pins

  • Twine or string

  • 25 mini clothes pegs


Plan out your Advent Calendar activities. Get your planner and either flip to the December monthly layout or find a calendar for December.

Fill in each date with an activity. Begin by looking at what activities you already have booked in your planner for December and work around those.

For instance, you may have already planned to put up the Christmas tree on 1st December so put that activity there. Don’t plan to drive around looking at the Christmas lights on the same night as the school Christmas play and save Christmas craft activities for the weekends.

Take inspiration from this list of 30 Advent Calendar activity ideas or create your own based on your family traditions:


Decorate the Christmas tree

Hang the outside lights

Tie a huge ribbon around a tree in the yard

Decorate the front gate

Have hot chocolate and truffles before bed

Make paper chains

Make paper snowflakes

Do some Christmas colouring in

Write a letter to Santa

Go to the cinema to see a movie

Make Christmas cards for friends

Make cards for teachers

Wrap gifts for teachers

Paint pine cones for decorations

Choose a toy to donate to charity

Go out for ice cream

Choose a dessert for Christmas Day

Go and have a photo with Santa

Play a board game together

Read a Christmas story by the tree at bedtime

Paint everybody's nails in Christmas colours

Go out and see the Christmas lights

Watch The Polar Express together

Make a gingerbread house

Collect greenery for decorations

Buy a gift for someone

Bake some Christmas bickies

Go to Carols By Candlelight

Have a picnic dinner under the Christmas tree


Once you’ve planned out all of your acitivites, click here to download and save the Advent Calendar template.

Then type each activity into each day’s card.


Print the entire document, preferably onto thick paper or card. I used linen bond board.

Quill A4 Linen Bond Board White

STEP FOUR - Make envelopes

If you have a blade, use a ruler to lightly score along the fold lines to ensure good, straight folds. Next, place your template face down and follow the instructions below:

STEP FIVE - Fill the envelopes

Cut out each card and put it into its corresponding envelope. You may find that you have to shuffle them around a little as the month progresses and things pop up, so perhaps just fill a few envelopes at a time.

Free printable Advent Calendar with card

STEP SIX - Hang your Advent Calendar

Drape your twine, string or ribbon on a wall and then peg the envelopes to it in order. The kids can then take turns opening each day's envelope. Peg the card back in front of the envelope each day so you know where you're up to.

Enjoy your own personalised Advent Calendar!


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