Meal & Grocery Planning: comparing grocery prices {and a free printable}

Most of us who budget regularly can attest to the fact that groceries take up a huge chunk of our weekly spending but with just a little bit of effort, you'll find that it's one of the easiest areas in which you can save money too.

Often, we get into a routine of going to the same stores for the same things, week in, week out, but it pays to stop and calculate just how much these shops are costing you. You can do this in no time with this Grocery Store Comparison free printable.

Grocery Lists & Food Staples

Many of us will shop at more than one store for our groceries, often at one of the big supermarket chains and then perhaps at smaller stores for convenience or better fresh produce. You may even be an Aldi convert but regardless of where you shop, it's a good idea to at least know how much you could be saving elsewhere - it may make you think twice next time you head for the shops.

Grocery Store Comparison free printable

The instructions are on the bottom of the free printable but, in short, you can choose up to three stores to compare then list the items you'd like to compare. Last week's post showed you how to set up a Food Staples list and this would be a useful tool for choosing these items.

Make sure you compare the brands you would usually buy; for instance, if you usually buy the brand name cling wrap, don't compare the price for the no frills brand. And finally, only compare the usual full retail price, not the sale or special price.

Grocery store specials

You may decide that a few small changes to your shopping habits, like planning your meals and then reducing the number of convenience shops, are worth the money you can save each week. Or, you may choose to continue going to some of the more expensive stores if you consider the convenience or quality to be worth the extra investment, but it's important to know the price tag attached to that luxury.

Next week: organising your family favourite recipes to make meal planning even easier.

Happy meal planning!


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