Back to school: kids' weekly routines

Last week we created morning routines to help make school mornings run more smoothly. But what about the different activities and events kids need to remember for each day of the week, whether they be at school events such as sports uniform days or after school such as sports training?

Kids love to know what's happening each day and a weekly routine chart can help them to know what day it is and what they need to prepare for each day. And once again, this makes an easy reference for you in the morning to make sure they're prepared for the day.

Free printable editable kids morning routine chart

Younger kids can benefit from learning the days of the week and older kids can make your life easier by preparing all by themselves, which is the end goal after all!

Add to this chart anything that your kids want or need to be reminded about. Think assembly, sports uniform days, library days, art days, preschool days, music lessons, swimming classes and after school sports training.

Kids' Morning Routine Chart Checklist

And just like the Morning Routine Chart, the Lorna Leigh Lane Kids' Weekly Routine Chart is now an editable PDF so you enter your children's names and weekly routine events directly into the document on your screen before printing. The document has four pages: for families with one, two, three and four children.

Click here to edit and print your own Weekly Routine Chart. You can also find these free printable kids' charts in the Printable Library.

Happy back to schooling!


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