Back to school: kids' morning routines

Setting up daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routines is one of the best ways you can get yourself organised. It creates habits around the tasks that you need to do to keep on track and on time each day.

We all know that kids thrive on routines as well so it's a good idea to set up a morning routine for them early in the year to avoid hectic mornings and being late to school every day.

Turn getting ready for school into a habit that your kids will be able to do each day without your help (or very little anyway!).

Free printable editable kids morning routine chart

Kids love a checklist just as much as we do and even the littlest of school kids can go through the pictures one by one each morning to get ready for preschool or school. They'll love the feeling of being very grown up too.

And until they're old enough to tell the time, you can keep an eye on the clock and let them know if they're lagging behind.

If you tell them that once they've done everything on the list, they can play, you may find that they're ready well ahead of time. No more frantic mornings!

Kids' Morning Routine Chart Checklist

Most of all, it teaches them to be autonomous which is a fantastic skill for preschool, school and life in general.

The Lorna Leigh Lane Kids' Morning Routine Chart is now an editable PDF! This means that you can download the document and enter the times for each task directly into the document on your computer screen as often as you like. Then simply print it out and stick it on the fridge, ready for action.

Click here to edit and print your own Morning Routine Chart. You can also find these free printable kids' charts in the Printable Library.

Happy back to schooling!


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