How to sort your mail

Most adults dread opening mail, partly because it's generally full of bills, partly because it adds to the clutter in the house but usually because they don't have a clear process of how to deal with it. Unfortunately though, ignored mail doesn’t go away, it just piles up and causes more problems down the track.

How to sort your mail

So the best practice is to check your mail daily and sort it daily. Dealing with mail is actually very simple when done regularly and when following the same simple steps:


One of the keys to keeping on top of your mail is to collect it every single day. Bring it inside and immediately put it in the place that you should be when you go through it. Don’t open it walking down the hallway or other places where it can get misplaced.


Open all of the mail and first, deal with the packaging and any mail that needs to be recycled, shredded (if it has sensitive information on it) or thrown in the bin, such as junk mail that you're not interested in.

Now you’re left with the things you need to action in some way.


Next deal with the remaining mail which will fall into one of three categories:

TO FILE - this is mail that needs to be kept on file to refer back to at a later date, such as insurance papers. File these items straight away or put them in your 'to file' folder for another time.

TO PAY - write the date you plan to pay the bill in your planner and then either file the bill in your 'to pay' folder or scan and save a soft copy of it to refer to when making your payment.

TO DO - if any mail can be actioned quickly, such as writing a reminder of an upcoming community event in your planner, then do these tasks straight away. Afterwards scan, file or throw away the papers. Any other mail that will take more than a few minutes to deal with, do now or write up as a task in your planner to deal with it at a later date and then place the item in your 'to do' file for later.

And you're done! If you follow these easy steps every day, it should only take a few minutes to sort your mail and you can avoid the cost and hassle of missed bills and forgotten tasks.

Happy mail sorting!


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