1 week until Christmas!

Seven sleeps until Santa comes to town and this week is all about those last minute jobs to get ready for Christmas Day.

Each week a new list of seven daily tasks will be posted here on the blog, or you can follow along on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

This week's Christmas countdown tasks are:

TUESDAY 7 sleeps until Christmas: print your free printable gift register.

Have it on hand for Christmas Day so that you can record any gifts that you need to write thank yous for and to remember who gave what to whom.

WEDNESDAY 6 sleeps until Christmas: do all the little things.

Fill the salt and pepper shakers, ensure you have enough gas for the barbeque, delegate someone to buy ice etc.

THURSDAY 5 sleeps until Christmas: do all the laundry and ironing.

Wash all of the laundry, iron and put away to make sure everyone’s outfits are ready for the day and that you don’t have huge piles of laundry lying around.

FRIDAY 4 sleeps until Christmas: clean the house.

Make this your cleaning day - clean the house from top to bottom if you have the time and ask everyone to try to keep it that way for the next few days!

SATURDAY 3 sleeps until Christmas: collect greenery for the table.

Organise flowers or at least clip some fresh greenery for the Christmas table and put them in water to have on hand for when you set the table.

SUNDAY 2 sleeps until Christmas: set the table.

Set the table and put out your place cards. If you need to print some, head to the Printable Library to download, type in and then print your own place cards.

MONDAY 1 sleep until Christmas: put out snacks for Santa and his reindeer. Chill drinks, put out snacks for Santa and his reindeer, relax and enjoy your Christmas Eve!

And, altogether, this week's tasks on a checklist because we love to tick!

Click here to print out this week's tasks. If you'd like to get the previous Christmas checklists, click on the icons below:

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