4 weeks until Christmas!

Less than a month to go now but don't panic - plenty of time to catch up on any of the tasks you haven't done yet.

Each week a new list of seven daily tasks will be posted here on the blog, or you can follow along on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

This week we're focused on decorations and decorating, getting the house looking festive and full of Christmas tunes.

This week's Christmas countdown tasks are:

MONDAY 28 sleeps until Christmas: track your Christmas spending

Track your expenses this Christmas to make sure you don't get too carried away with your spending. Click here for a free printable Christmas Budget Planner.

TUESDAY 27 sleeps until Christmas: get a Christmas music playlist organised.

Click here to download the Lorna Leigh Lane Christmas Mix. With nearly 6 hours of Christmas music from a range of artists, there’s something in there for everyone!

WEDNESDAY 26 sleeps until Christmas: post your local cards and gifts.

Post the rest of your Christmas cards and gifts if they’re ready. If not, just make a plan to get them done as soon as possible.

THURSDAY 25 sleeps until Christmas: get out your Christmas decorations.

Check that the Christmas lights are working and that you have everything ready for decorating the tree tomorrow.

FRIDAY 24 sleeps until Christmas: put up your Christmas tree.

Yay! Christmas is in full swing now. Put up your tree, blast the Christmas carols and decorate your little heart out.

SATURDAY 23 sleeps until Christmas: decorate your house with lights.

Get out your Christmas lights or go and buy some. Then get the kids to help you string them up on your house , National Lampoons style.

SUNDAY 22 sleeps until Christmas: buy some Christmas decoration storage.

Consider how you're going to store your decorations after Christmas and if you need to, buy some decoration storage now.

And, altogether, this week's tasks on a checklist because we love to tick!

Click here to print out this week's tasks. If you'd like to get the previous Christmas checklists, click on the icons below:

Happy Christmas planning!


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