5 weeks until Christmas!

That's just over a month until the big day so this week it's time to begin making plans for the month of December.

Each week a new list of seven daily tasks will be posted here on the blog, or you can follow along on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Don't miss out on creating your own personalised Advent Calendar this year with the free printable editable Advent Calendar. Click here for the step-by-step instructions.

This week's Christmas countdown tasks are:

TUESDAY 35 sleeps until Christmas: declutter the kids' toys.

There's no time like now to declutter the house to make room for all the new 'stuff' that comes with Christmas. If you can convince them, get the kids to donate some of their toys to charity.

WEDNESDAY 34 sleeps until Christmas: post overseas cards and gifts.

Post your overseas cards and gifts now. If they're not ready, just plan to get them ready this week.

THURSDAY 33 sleeps until Christmas: list where you're hiding gifts.

Have you ever found gifts stashed around the house that you'd forgotten about? Flip to the notes section of your planner and make note of the location of any gifts you've hidden so you can keep track.

FRIDAY 32 sleeps until Christmas: create your own personalised Advent Calendar.

Skip the morning chocolate and instead, create your own Advent Calendar, full of fun and festive activities for the whole family to do in the countdown to Christmas Day. Click here for the step-by-step instructions.

SATURDAY 31 sleeps until Christmas: plan out your Advent Calendar activities.

The first step when creating your own Advent Calendar is to plan the activities around what you already have booked. Plan easy tasks for busy days and more involved tasks for quieter days and weekends.

SUNDAY 30 sleeps until Christmas: plan your Christmas tree.

Real or fake? What sort of tree will you be putting up this year? Plan when and how.

MONDAY 29 sleeps until Christmas: collate your 'bring a plate' ideas for easy reference.

Been asked to bring a plate to a Christmas party? For some of us, it's difficult to think of something off the top of your head. Do a little bit of research and find a few good 'plate' recipes that you can do well, then list them in the notes section of your planner for quick reference.

Smoked salmon blinis from Food To Love

And, altogether, this week's tasks on a checklist because we love to tick!

Click here to print out this week's tasks. If you'd like to get the previous Christmas checklists, click on the icons below:

Happy Christmas planning!


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