8 weeks until Christmas!

Eight weeks until Christmas - that's just two months! Fortunately you've already begun to get organised for Christmas this year and your next week's worth of tasks are here on the blog to get you organised for a fun and fuss-free Christmas.

8 weeks until Christmas

Each week a new list of seven daily tasks will be posted here on the blog, or you can follow along on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

This week we're focusing on gifts: looking at what gifts you may have stashed away throughout the year, getting the kids to write to Santa and tell him what they want (so you can steal some ideas) and perhaps trying to get a few things done around the house before things get too hectic.

This week's Christmas countdown tasks are:

TUESDAY 56 sleeps until Christmas: go through your gift stash.

If you have a stash of gifts that you keep on hand, go through them and see if you can use any of them this Christmas. Then add them to your gift list, wrap them and your Christmas shopping is underway!

Tasks to get you ready for Christmas

WEDNESDAY 55 sleeps until Christmas: consider organising a secret Santa for friends, family or colleagues this year.

It saves time, money and can be lots of fun. It helps to have a register to record who is buying for whom and to make sure nobody has been forgotten.

Free printable Secret Santa Tracker

Free printable Secret Santa Tracker

THURSDAY 54 sleeps until Christmas: write a list of tasks to spruce up your home.

Be realistic because you know you're going to get busy but list a few things you'd like done before Christmas day and put the tasks in your planner to get done before December.

Tasks to get you ready for Christmas

FRIDAY 53 sleeps until Christmas: get the kids to write a letter to Santa.

It can help you work out what to buy for them too. Get the kids into the Christmas spirit by writing a letter to Santa and posting it off to the North Pole.

Tasks to get your organised for Christmas

Free printable Letter To Santa Claus

SATURDAY 52 sleeps until Christmas: think about making handmade gifts.

Since you're getting organised so early this year, you have plenty of time to make handmade gifts this year. Things like Nigella's Chilli Jam look festive and are delicious with Christmas leftovers.

Tasks to get your organised for Christmas

SUNDAY 51 sleeps until Christmas: plan cards for your kids' school friends.

Will your kids be writing cards this year? Rather than have them do it all in one, tearful hit, get them started now and do a little each day. They even have time to hand-make cards.

Free printable Christmas Card for Kids

Free printable kids' Christmas card template

MONDAY 50 sleeps until Christmas: plan gifts for your kids' school friends.

Will your kids be giving gifts to their friends this year? Now's the time to make a plan to do have them do a little bit each day to avoid staying up late one night and doing them yourself! Try Magic Reindeer Food.

Free printable Magic Reindeer Food

To make Magic Reindeer Food, simply:

1. Count how many bags you'll need to make

2. Gather the supplies you'll need:

  • Card for printing (3 labels per A4 page)

  • A stapler

  • Rolled oats

  • Edible glitter or white sugar mixed with food dye (red pictured above)

  • Snack-sized zip lock or cellophane bags that are 10 cm wide

3. Print out the free printable Magic Reindeer Food templates

4. Cut out the labels and have your child write their friends' names on the back

5. Mix together in a bowl the rolled oats and glitter or sugar

6. Spoon the reindeer food into the bags

7. Staple the labels onto the bags

Done! These are a great alternative to candy canes and, as they're for the reindeer to eat and not the kids, you don't have to worry about food allergies.

And, altogether, this week's tasks on a checklist because we love to tick!

Christmas Countdown - 8 weeks to go

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Happy Christmas planning!


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