7 weeks until Christmas!

Seven weeks until Christmas and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the stores. Decorations are out, Christmas parties are drawing near and we're beginning to make a dent in the list of tasks to be accomplished before Christmas.

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This week we're focusing on cards: writing lists, gathering addresses, writing and displaying, plus a little bit of planning.

This week's Christmas countdown tasks are:

TUESDAY 49 sleeps until Christmas: print your free printable Christmas Card List.

Do you send Christmas cards each year? If so, print out this free printable Christmas Card List and fill it out. Then divide it by 20 and plan to write that number of cards each night. You'll be finished by the end of the month and ready to post them.

Tasks to get you ready for Christmas

WEDNESDAY 48 sleeps until Christmas: update addresses for your Christmas card list.

Make sure you have updated addresses for the people to whom you'll be sending Christmas cards.

THURSDAY 47 sleeps until Christmas: buy your Christmas cards and stamps.

Count the number of Christmas cards you need on your Christmas Card List and go out and buy your cards and stamps.

Tasks to get you ready for Christmas

FRIDAY 46 sleeps until Christmas: decide how you'll display your cards.

If you don’t have an obvious place like a mantlepiece to display your Christmas cards, check the web for some other interesting ideas and make any necessary preparations, like this Christmas tree shaped card display.

Tasks to get your organised for Christmas


SATURDAY 45 sleeps until Christmas: plan an early Christmas shopping day.

Plan a shopping day with a friend to get the bulk of your Christmas shopping done before the December crowds hit. You may also want to look at planning a day to take the kids to see the Christmas windows and other activities in your local city.

Tasks to get your organised for Christmas

SUNDAY 44 sleeps until Christmas: book in for photos with Santa Claus.

You don't want to leave this until the last minute to stand on a queue for 2 hours waiting for Santa - book in early and your kids may even smile in the photos.

MONDAY 43 sleeps until Christmas: plan Christmas outfits for everyone.

Have a think about what outfits you and your family need for Christmas day and all of the other events over the silly season.

And, altogether, this week's tasks on a checklist because we love to tick!

Christmas Countdown - 7 weeks to go

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Happy Christmas planning!


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