Organise your money: Day 2 - create a bill register

Welcome to day two of this Organise Your Money series. Yesterday we gathered together and recorded the details of the bills you pay regularly, whether they’re paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-annually or yearly. Today we’ll be setting up a register to record these payments.

Organise Your Money Series: Step Two

So, print out the next free printable: Our Monthly Bill Register. Here you can keep track of your bill payments so that you won’t ever miss a payment. You can also easily check back to see when a bill was paid, if you need to.

Monthly Bill Register free printable

This form is pretty easy to use:

DATE: at the top right of the page, write the date this form began (eg: 1 July 2018)

DUE: if the bill is paid monthly, write the date it’s to be paid (eg: 15th) or if it’s paid in a cycle other than monthly, write the cycle (eg: quarterly)

BILL: write the bill name (eg: car insurance)

AMOUNT: write the amount that is due in whatever cycle it’s due. For example, if your life insurance is $32 due weekly, write ‘Weekly’ in the DUE column and ‘$32’ in the AMOUNT column.

Then, as each payment is made, write the date it was made or place a tick in each month’s column as per the example below:

Non-Monthly Bill Schedule free printable

Note that for payments that are not due each month, such as quarterly bills, just put a line through the months they’re not due. And for those payments that are due weekly, you could perhaps put the dates they’re paid or even just a tick for each payment made in that month.

And that’s Our Monthly Bill Register done. Next, we’ll be tracking your income.

Happy money planning!


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