Free monogramming for your new planner!

Who doesn’t love a little personalisation? And what better place to stick a monogram than on your planner – your tool to get you through the busyness of life and to help you find the time to celebrate your everyday as well.

I'm very excited to announce that you can now personalise your planner with a gold monogram FREE for a limited time!

When you place your order for your planner, simply select from the three styles available:

Monogram Style #1: CLASSIC - simple, understated, beautiful.

Monogram Style #2: FIRST NAME - The ultimate in personalisation, your name!

Monogram Style #3: TRADITIONAL - Old school elegance, you can’t go wrong.

Have you set up your planner yet? If not, be sure to read this post on how to set up your planner, and yourself, for an organised 2018.

Have you bought your planner yet? Head here to snag yours, with your free gold monogram, today. Planners are shipping immediately (on the same day if you order before 4 pm).

And for those of you who’ve already bought your planners, I don’t want you to miss out so send me an email with your style selection and details and I’ll make sure you get a monogram too!

Happy planning and monogramming!


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