Back to school planning: How I stopped yelling at my kids every morning {and a free printable}

Back in the days when my kids were babies and toddlers, I asked a friend who had older kids how on earth she managed school mornings because we all seemed to still be in our pyjamas at 10 am each day. Her answer? "A lot of yelling."

Fast forward a few years and I realised she was right; trying to get three kids ready for preschool and school each day involved me yelling instructions non-stop - WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES? PACK YOUR BAG! HAVE YOU CLEANED YOUR TEETH? - until we were all out the door. Not a fun way for any of us to start the day. It took a while but I eventually worked out the secret to avoiding this mayhem: using a Morning Routine Chart for Kids.

The Morning Routine Chart for Kids is basically a list of the things kids need to do to be ready for preschool or school and in the right order - you don't want them getting dressed too early or there will be breakfast and toothpaste all down their fronts.

Once I'd printed this out and put it on the wall, I found that rather than continually asking whether the kids had brushed their teeth, packed their bag or whatever else, I simply needed to remind them to work through the list. So much easier and I could then focus on what I needed to do to get out the door.

My kids LOVED this list for several reasons:

  • They felt very grown up because they knew what needed to be done without being told - even before they could read, the little ones could follow the pictures

  • They began to race each other or the clock to get through their list quickly

  • They were rewarded with being able to play once they'd finished their list

  • They appreciated not being yelled at by me!

Most of all, it teaches them to be autonomous which is a fantastic skill for preschool, school and life in general. The only problem I found was often they could rightly blame me for being late instead!

You can download your own Morning Routine Chart for Kids here and get your 2017 school mornings off to relaxed start.

Happy back to schooling!


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