Back to school planning: "My First Day" free printable photo props

School is going back and regardless of whether it's the first day of preschool or the first day of high school, they're all milestones and ones we love to capture with our cameras. That's where these back to school "My First Day" printable photo props come in handy!

They're great for a number of reasons:

1. If you print them out beforehand and put them somewhere obvious, they'll remind you to get those photos that are so easy forget in the madness of the first day back at school.

2. Holding onto these signs gives your kids something to do in the photo (other than complain!).

3. It's a fantastic keepsake and will make a great photo collage after all 13 years of school are done.

4. It can become a fun family tradition.

5. It only takes a moment to print and pose with, which is helpful in the

midst of that first morning craziness.

6. You can take these pictures at home - you don't need to be at school to do it (which is sooo embarassing).

7. You can download any or all of the four colour options so your kids can choose to have different colours or all the same.

So when you're out buying school supplies this year, try to grab a pack of thicker paper or cardstock, which will hold up better than paper. In saying that, paper will also work just fine too.

If you're really feeling organised, you can even pop your printout into a frame as well!

So select from pink, blue, green and yellow below and get printing:

My first day at school printable photo sign pink

My first day at school printable photo sign blue

My first day at school printable photo sign green

My first day at school printable photo sign yellow

You will also find these free printable photo signs in the Printable Library.

Note: remember to only print the page you need by selecting to print either 'current page' or the specific page number you want. Otherwise you'll end up printing all 16 pages!

Happy back to schooling!


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