Day 4 of the 12 Days of Planning: Kids' holiday schedule

Let me start out by saying that we do NOT keep to a strict schedule during the school holidays. But I do find that if our days have a little bit of structure, everyone is happier, including me! So today I have a Kids' Holiday Schedule printable for you as well.

The first few days of our holidays are usually wind down time after the hectic last weeks of term and all schedules and most rules go out the window. This is great at the beginning but after a few days, I find that the kids get listless, especially if I have to spend a lot of time working during the day. They become bored more easily and annoyingly seem to be STARVING half an hour before a meal. Having a schedule with some suggestions of things to do and times to eat seems to really help prevent these things.

Here's an example of how our holiday schedule might look:

There wouldn't be a single day that we keep entirely to this schedule and it doesn't matter if we stray from it but I find that the days run more smoothly when we use it as a general guide. And the kids are good at reminding me when it's time to take a break from work and make lunch!

You can download your own blank schedule here. Happy scheduling!


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