Day 3 of the 12 Days of Planning: Kids' holiday calendar

The school holidays have only just begun for us but, with Christmas and New Year's Eve just around the corner, it will be January before we know it.

We're not going away these school holidays but we have a lot of things happening and I know that if we don't keep track of the days, the holidays will be over before we know it. So I've created a kids' holiday calendar!

I find my kids are much happier during the school holidays if they know what each day will bring, whether it be a trip away or a quiet day at home, and the younger ones get a kick out of crossing off the days.

When the kids were younger, we used to decorate the calendar with drawings so they knew which days we would be travelling, which days they would be visiting their grandparents, even which days we would be buying their new school shoes!

So to avoid putting your kids through the trauma of hearing their school holidays are suddenly over, print out this kids' holiday calendar, fill it with activities as they come up, and hopefully the days won't fly by quite so quickly!


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