Day 2 of the 12 Days of Planning: Christmas Task List

Welcome to Day 2 of the 12 Days of Planning. I've created a free printable that I think we all need right about now: a Christmas task list!

Whether you're completely organised and ready for Christmas day or your mind is swirling with all that you need to accomplish between now and then, this free printable task list will help you to wake up on Christmas morning relaxed and ready to enjoy the big day.

Once you get all of those "to dos" out of your head and onto paper, you can:

  • organise your time better

  • be realistic about what you can and cannot achieve over the next four days

  • decide which things you can do yourself and which you will need to delegate

  • free up time to enjoy activities like driving around to ooh and aah at the Christmas lights

  • get the whole family on board and helping, including the kids where possible

And as discussed in yesterday's post, you can experience the joy of ticking off each task as you go!

In case your mind is drawing a blank at this point due to sheer exhaustion, I've compiled a list of tasks to get you started:

  • Create a schedule for food preparation and cooking

  • Check you have the required quantities of crockery, glassware etc

  • Plan what serving dishes and implements you will need

  • Write out a grocery list including batteries

  • ​Plan treats to leave for Santa and his reindeer

  • Clean out the fridge and make space

  • Ensure the BBQ gas bottles are full

  • Buy groceries and drinks

  • Tidy outside

  • Clean the house

  • Tidy the kids' rooms or better still, get them to do it

  • Prepare for overnight guests

  • Set the table

  • Create a seating plan and make place cards

  • Iron tablecloths and napkins

  • Polish silver

  • Finish gift wrapping

  • Plan outfits for all members of the family and make sure they're clean

  • Have a music playlist ready to go

  • Charge cameras and phones

  • Fill ice trays and chill drinks

  • Buy bags of ice

  • Go out and see the Christmas lights

  • Get merry!

So print out the Christmas task list, stick it on the fridge and get ticking!

Tomorrow's post will be related to planning the school holidays. Four more sleeps until Santa comes and 11 more sleeps until 2017!


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