How to plan routines {and some free printables}

The foundation of my ‘organising strategy’ is in identifying and recording my routines. By routines I mean all of the things that I want to do and places I need to be on a regular basis. From getting the kids to sports training to making sure they have clean school uniforms each morning, routines are what I live by week in, week out.

I like to spend an hour or so at the beginning of each school term to identify my routines for the term. Then I write them all into my planner and – hey presto – no need to stress about where I need to be each day because it’s there on paper to greet me each morning!

I’ve attached the forms I use below and you'll find them in my free printable library as well so you too can plan ahead and take the stress out of wondering what you might have forgotten. So, let’s go through each one.


Here, you can list all the things you have to do each day and all of the things you’d realistically to do each day. The sheet is split into four sections which you can tailor to suit you. I use them this way:


I’m an early riser so there are a number of things I do before leaving the house in the morning.


This covers the period from 9 am and 3 pm.


For me, this is the craziness that is the after-school period until dinner time.


I don’t function well after 8 pm but there are some things I do before bed to set up myself up for the next day and I list those here.

Now, just stick it on the fridge or somewhere that you can reference it throughout the day to keep on track and make sure you don’t forget anything.


Now it’s time to think about everything you want to do and need to attend each week. You’ll see that on this worksheet, each day is split into three different categories:


Here you can list general reminders or events such as:

  • For yourself: work days, travelling days, shopping days etc.

  • For others: sports days and library days at school or when homework is due.


These are where you need to be at a particular time. List things such as:

  • TUESDAY: 4.30 pm – hockey training.

  • MONDAY: 9.00 am - school assembly.


Under this heading, list the things you need or want to do regularly on a particular day each week. For instance:

  • TUESDAY: wash school uniforms.

  • THURSDAY: pay bills.

Once you’ve finished filling out this worksheet, transfer all of these events, appointments and tasks into your planner or your diary.


If you’re like me, you may not have a lot to fill out here but it’s a good opportunity to book yourself in for some regular tasks such as:

  • On the 1st of each month: catch up on bookwork.

  • On the 10th of each month: do the filing.

Or even use this as a way to remind yourself to book in something fun like a family activity or date nights once a month! Now transfer these tasks into your planner as well.


Finally, here is where you list everything that happens on a yearly basis such as:

  • March – vaccinate the dog

  • June – book in dental appointments for the family

Again, I don’t have many here but without this worksheet, it’s easy to forget quite important things because they don’t roll around very often. Then transfer them into your planner to be sure that you will remember to do them.

That’s it! Pretty much everything you need to remember, attend or do on a regular basis is now in your planner. For me, the yearly, monthly and even daily routines don’t change much, if at all, during the year, so I only fill those out at the beginning of each year. My weekly routine, however, changes a lot from term to term and season to season. Swimming lessons in summer are replaced by hockey and rugby in the winter. So I make a point of printing out the the weekly routine worksheet at the beginning of the school term. The moment I get my school planner for the term, I fill it out and then transfer those activities to my planner.

I find that the practice of simply writing it down helps cement the activities in my head for the term so I feel I have a handle on what’s ahead and, this way, I can concentrate on the fun stuff and on celebrating my everyday activities. I hope now you can too!

Here are the links to those worksheets once more:

My Daily Routine

My Weekly Routine

My Monthly Routine

My Yearly Routine

Let me know if this has helped you! I’d love to hear what you think.


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